About us

Lithuanian Renault club website was issued in summer 2003. It is safe to say that was the first step made by Renault enthusiast Romualdas Krupovnickas (nickname - Romeo).

In the most beginning the club had a virtual nature. Gradually a necessity to recognize a club member among the stream of cars had occurred. Therefore the first batch of stickers had been made and solitary sticker pasting actions has been started in some Lithuanian cities.

Since the virtual communication was already not enough, the club members have started to make the meetings once a week in the main cities: Vilnius, Kaunas, Siauliai, Klaipeda, Panevezys and Vilkaviskis.

The first overall meeting of club members (so called Grand Meet) took place in February 12th, 2005. During the Grand Meet club’s board and president have been elected. It was the first time in Lithuania when that amount of Renault mark cars and their fans has gathered into one place.


After half a year the second overall meeting of club members has been ensued. During it the members had some rest and some cosy communication, exchanged their experience and have got to know each other closer (2005).


These meetings are now organized twice a year (2006).


Club members are active participants during Renault car presentations (2006).


Our club representatives took part in Renault club congress of Scandinavian countries that took place in summer 2006 in Finland.


The Renault diamond has been shaped out of cars during the summer jamboree in Paluknis aerodrome in 2006.


Our club members are enthusiastic travellers. The trips to various Lithuanian towns are occasionally organized. The end of summertime is hallowed by trip „Exploring Lithuania“ (2006).


Bowling and basketball competitions of club members are organized as well (2006).


The club keeps in contact with other car clubs in Lithuania and abroad, various events and meetings are organized (2006).


The first Lithuanian minivan congress has been organized in 2007.


In summer we had an overall meeting of Lithuanian Renault fans that took part in Rokiskis (2007).


The year 2007 were completed by bowling tournament in Siauliai (2007).


During the member meeting we not only communicated but also have inspected the new Laguna (2008).


In April 2008 the first Go-Kart tournament of the Club was organized.


Pleasant leisure cycling in Neris regional park (2008).


Plenty of good emotions while canoeing (2008).


2008 summer meeting took part in Anyksciai.


Continuing participation in Renault car demonstrations we had a look at Renault Avantime in September (2008).


Continuing communication with other car clubs we have participated in „Citrinos“ orienteering rally (2008).


As usual, the year was completed by bowling tournament in Vilnius (2008).


During the general meeting of club members the new Board of the Club was elected, also the distinguished club members were awarded.


In spring 2009 the club car R4 was presented.


Already becoming traditional leisure cycling - this time in Birstonas surroundings (2009).


The beginning of summer was hallowed by trip „Exploring Lithuania“. While visiting Suduva part, we have attended „Handicraft Day“ organized by Vilkaviskis region (2009).


One of the main goals of the club is the information spread about Renault cars. In the website forum discussions about Renault cars’ exploitation and repairs never stop. Material is usually presented fully picture illustrated.

A member of Lithuanian Renault club may become a person having the Lithuanian Republic citizenship, not younger than 18 years old, which already has a Renault mark car or is expecting to acquire it.

Lithuanian Renault Club, Varduvos Str. 35, LT-50111 Kaunas, Lithuania

Organization code 195735912, Bank account LT49 7011 7000 0170 0759, Bank code 70117, AB “Ukio bankas”, Kaunas Branch