Club's R4

The whole concept of Club's own car began in autumn, 2006. Džeradas (Saulius), then-president, suggested that the Club should have a historic Renault car for representation and preservation purposes.

After some short but serious and thorough searches, in January (2007), we found and bought our '84 R4 (VF1112300E0013965, 839cc, 21kw).

It took us two years, up until spring 2009, to bring it up to full working order. A lot of then-and-present members participated in the process, as the car was neglected in a bad way.

After some serious welding, a lot of time spent going through suspension, some major headaches with brakes and the engine, the car was ready for a new coat of paint and some minor visual tiding up.

Presently, club's R4 is in a pristine condition, ready for participation in any event we may think of throwing it into.